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Advert title: Betty 70 foot narrowboat
Condition: Used
Price: £ 34,950.00
Additional information  
Length: 70 ft
Engine model: Coventry Climax
Description: Betty is a 70 foot ALL STEEL motorised butty. This boat is of significant historical importance as it is one; if not the only one, of a few surviving of its kind on the canal system. Betty was built in the late 1800’s as a horse drawn boat, built of wood in Runcorn and known as a Runcorn Six Planker. This boat; along with her sister boat, was built for a local company and both were named after his two daughters. Sometime in the early 1900's this one was converted to a motor and then used to tow the other one. Interestingly they didn’t change the shape of the stern so it still had the butty stern and large rudder. They carried on trading for many years before Betty passed in to private hands. This is where things get really interesting. In 1984 the boat was lifted out of the water at Hawne Basin in the Blackcountry where two boat builders set to and started to build a new steel hull around the original wooden structure as to keep the exact shape of the hull. Once this was completed they reused all the original iron parts like rubbing guards, stem post etc and fitted them to the new hull. The original wooden hull was then removed from inside the new hull. A new steel cabin was fitted and then it was fully fitted out. So what was an old wooden working boat was then given a new lease of life in the form of steel but keeping the sleek and slender lines of a Horse drawn Runcorn wooden 6 planker.
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Norbury Wharf Limited
Postcode (of boat location): ST20 0PN
Contact Number: 01785284292
simon jenkins
Registration Date: May 21, 2013
Personal Address:
First Name: simon
Last Name: jenkins
About me: I have been buying,selling and brokering boats for about 20years, I have been a boat builder, boat painter, mechanical engineer, infact I have done just about everything to do with narrow boats for a long time, and I still enjoy boating, Me and my team are all boaters and are here to help with any aspect of boats.
Phone: (01785) 284-292
Country: United Kingdom
City: stafford
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